Can Massage Therapies Help with Weight Loss?

There are a lot of benefits to visiting one of the many spas here in Dubai. Most notably, a spa day helps soothe anxiety, combat insomnia, and reduce muscle tension. But is there a lesser-known benefit to massage therapies?

For years now, massage therapists in the UAE and beyond have insisted that their therapies can help with weight loss. You may be surprised to learn that there is substance to their claims. While excess fat cannot simply be caressed away, a massage can give you the tools you need to complete a weight loss program. Read on find out how.

Relief from Joint Pain

About 350 million people suffer from arthritis worldwide. Outside of that diagnosed number, millions more are believed to experience some sort of joint pain.

These issues typically manifest themselves in later life and are often aggravated by exercise or excessive movement. The pain makes it next to impossible to exercise, which is why many older people have such a hard time losing weight. While arthritis and joint pain are not always curable, both can be managed.

When paired with the right dosage of medication, massage therapies serve to relieve joint pain. This allows the subject to complete their weight loss routine in its entirety without any discomfort.

Relief from Lymph Fluid Accumulation

Lymph fluid is essential to the functioning of the human body. It aids in the removal of toxins and non-essential properties from the system. On some occasions, however, lymph fluid can build up in certain parts of the body. It is then that it becomes a problem.

Lymph fluid accumulation often occurs around the ankles, wrists, and hands. This can make moving a challenge and renders certain common exercises an impossibility.

Many massage therapists offer the provision of lymphatic drainage. This is a gentle massage which dislodges lymph masses and encourages circulation of the fluids. By reducing the swelling around joints, lymphatic drainage makes it easier to perform a variety of exercises. This, in turn, expedites workouts and weight loss.

Relief from Negative Thoughts

When you’re stressed about something, even the most basic tasks become a challenge. Sometimes you can’t even make a cup of coffee without being plagued by negative thoughts. How are you supposed to get yourself in the right mindset for the gym if you can’t keep your mind off work, bills, or romance? Massage therapies can help.

Treatment from a trained massage therapist can ease anxiety and provide relief from negative thoughts. Even a brief five-minute massage will relax you physically and mentally, giving you the clarity, you need to fully dedicate yourself to your next workout.

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