Four Major Benefits of Facial Massage

Believe it or not, there are 43 muscles in the face alone. The average person uses all of these muscles hundreds - if not thousands - of times per day. But even though we use them with startling frequency, we do very little for the 43 muscles of the face.

Regularly massaging the facial muscles ensures they remain relaxed. This, in turn, keeps the patient feeling at ease. But the benefits of a facial massage extend far beyond the realm of relaxation. Below, you’ll find a number of the most notable advantages of getting a facial massage in one of Dubai’s many massage clinics.

Migraine Relief

Dubai is a city of business. People are always going to or coming from a meeting. When work takes up such a major portion of your life, migraines are a common occurrence. This is why so many professionals within the emirate undergo a regular facial massage. A properly performed facial massage will focus on the pressure points of the face and head. This in turn wards of migraines and makes it possible to continue work without fear of pain.

Minimize Wrinkling

Wrinkling is a part of life that cannot be avoided without surgical means. Although wrinkles cannot be prevented naturally, they can be minimized through a facial massage. When performed correctly, a facial massage relaxes the muscles of the face and loosens trapped nerves. By doing this, it slows the development of wrinkles and keeps the subject looking younger for longer.

Combat Lymphatic Fluid Build Up

The human body needs lymph fluid to maintain proper function. This is because lymph fluid helps push toxins and other undesirable properties out of the body. On occasion, however, lymph fluid can become trapped and build up. When lymph fluid accumulates in this manner, it can cause swelling and puffiness. A facial massage is essential in combating lymph fluid accumulation. Lymph nodes are located throughout the face. When stimulated by a facial massage, they dislodge lymph fluid deposits and send them back into circulation.

Alleviate Stress

While not as extensive as a full-body massage, a facial massage can be just as relaxing. Even a 15-minute facial massage can ease tension in the face and eradicate stress. When stress has been relieved, you will be able to think with greater clarity and handle all of your business dealings with greater efficiency. A facial massage can even be preferable to a full-body massage as it is faster and more affordable, ensuring timely relief when you don’t have hours to dedicate to a day in the spa.

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