Things to Know Before Your First Visit to a Spa

Although there are spas located throughout the UAE, there are many people within the country who have never visited one. In a way, this is understandable. Dubai is more or less a business hub and, as such, home to some of the busiest people in the world. They rarely have time to visit a spa for a massage treatment. Ironically, these are the people who need a “spa day” the most.

If you’re planning your first trip to a spa, you may feel a little overwhelmed. This is totally normal. To help soothe your anxiety, we have put together this brief but helpful article.

Here are four things you need to know before your first visit to a spa.

Always Book in Advance

When you are planning a visit to a spa, you should always make sure to call ahead. There is nothing more disappointing than preparing yourself for a day of relaxation only to arrive to discover the massage therapist does not have a place for you. Booking in advance will ensure the spa has a spot available for you and can grant you access to its full facilities for a good chunk of time.

Inform the Massage Therapist of Any Injuries

If you are planning on getting a massage during your trip to the spa, you should be sure to inform the massage therapist of any injuries you may have. Even something as small as a crick in your neck should be pointed out. You can mention injuries while booking your appointment, but you should always bring them up again on the day to make sure your therapist is mindful of them.

Do Not Assume You Have to Get Naked

We can’t stress this one enough. We’ve heard many stories of people totally stripping down ahead of their first massage only to find out that it was entirely unnecessary. While you will likely be asked to remove whatever is covering your torso and lower legs, do not assume you must also remove your underwear. If it is indeed necessary, your massage therapist will say it to you. But until you hear otherwise, you should probably remain partially clothed.

Falling Asleep is Okay

A lot of people force themselves to stay awake on the massage table. This is not necessary. A massage is supposed to be relaxing. As such, massage therapists are totally understanding of anybody who falls asleep during treatment. In fact, most take it as a compliment. If you feel like drifting off mid-massage, allow it to happen!

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