Understanding Four-Hands Massage & It’s Benefits

What is a Four-Hands Massage?

A four-hands massage involves two massage therapists treating a single patient. In most cases, the therapists work in unison, performing synchronized movements. This is essentially a traditional massage but doubled up. In some treatments, each therapist will focus on a different part of the body for a deeper and more extensive massage. You’ll find the benefits of both techniques outlined below.

Relief of Extreme Muscle Pain

Many people suffering from muscle discomfort turn to massage therapists for relief. A deep-tissue massage performed by a single massage therapist can provide a welcome break from muscular issues. However, those experiencing extreme pain may find it difficult to endure a full deep-tissue massage. This is where the four-hands approach proves useful. With four hands placing minor pressure on a damaged muscle for an extended period of time, as opposed to two hands doing so in brief spurts, relaxation can be achieved with minimal discomfort.

Enhanced Blood Circulation

Adequate blood circulation is essential to the maintenance of the body. It provides oxygen to the brain and promotes muscle growth, proper functioning of the liver and kidneys, and healthy skin. For this reason, many who experience poor blood circulation should consider a four-hands massage. With two pairs of hands working around the body, the blood vessels are widened dramatically, and blood flow increases to a level not possible through a traditional massage.

Relief from Stress

A lot of business people rely on massage therapies to keep them grounded when stress is making it difficult for them to think. When you’re extra stressed, however, you’ll need an extra set of hands. A four-hands massage will help you attain a greater state of relaxation than its more common counterpart. Furthermore, by increasing blood circulation and the supply of oxygen to your brain, a four-hands massage will allow you to think more clearly and form an effective solution to your problems.

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