Indulgence For Two

AED 1 500 60 mins
AED 2 100 90 mins

Elixir’s couple massage is an unforgettable experience; we offer a wide variety of massage treatments for yourself and your partner. It is among the most enjoyable and exhilarating experiences, you can have together. It is a special way of sharing and bonding with your significant other in a passionate way. The couples have the option to choose the therapy they want to try at their own convenience.

A full-service booking boasts of access to the lounge facility, a hot shower or hot tub and any other spa extras available at our center. Most massages last for a period of an hour but there are options whereby the client can pay for longer periods of massage according to their preference. Our couple’s massage experience is set in a soothing and relaxing ambience.

Enjoying a couple’s massage in a room together allows for a mutual release of stress. Individuals who are reluctant or are intolerant to a massage can be enticed to give it a go if they do not have to go about it solo. Elixir’s massage therapists are professional, and our service rates are competitive and affordable. We have a user-friendly booking service and dependable online customer support ready to make your experience at our spa a very memorable one.

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