Izil Diamond Mineralizing Facial

AED 525 35 mins

Facial massages, as the name suggests is a delicate facial procedure that uses soft, effleurage movements to stimulate those stiff facial muscles. The treatment helps to promote blood and oxygen flow across the face. This massage technique will be helpful to reduce puffiness and sagging of the face. Facial massages also help to prevent wrinkle and removes dead skin cells from the face. At Elixir Spa & Massage Center, we only use top-of-the-line cleansing products to ensure optimal results and client satisfaction.

Prior to the procedure, the client will undergo a consultation with the therapist so that they can be provided a more personalized treatment. In some cases, clients maybe allergic to certain products and you will need to inform us about this beforehand. Apart from its numerous health benefits, Facial massages are a relaxing affair that will help to ease tension and stress. A 35-minute facial massage session at our spa comes at just AED 525. Other massage therapies we offer at our center include Swedish relax massage, deep tissue massage, couple massage and many more.

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