Mani Pedi and Feet Cleansing

AED 550

Mani-Pedi cleansing starts with a therapeutic bath or spa. Both hands and feet are soaked and then cleansed in scented warm water to moisturize the skin. It Involves clipping, shaping, and smoothening of both toenails and fingernails. This is followed by an exfoliating rub and massage, this is done to remove dead skin with salts and minerals that also helps to improve blood circulation. Manicure is for the hands while pedicure is for the feet.

Cuticle removal is an essential part of pedicures because they can be very painful and can make wearing shoes a very uncomfortable experience. Depending on how sensitive your feet are the esthetician will determine how hard the scrubbing will be and customize the treatment based on the clients’ requirements. At Elixir Spa and Massage center we ensure that the tools and supplies used during this treatment are sterilized and of top quality. A single mani-pedi session at Elixir Spa is available at a reasonable price of 550 AED. We also offer a plethora of other massage treatments such as Aromatherapy, Facial Massages and Waxing for men.

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