Moroccan Bath Body Ritual & Tension - Relief Massage

AED 750 45 mins
AED 1 250 45 & 60 mins massage

Elixir’s Moroccan bath is a traditional massage treatment that helps to slow aging through the process of skin regeneration. As you age, shedding occurs and this in turn causes your pores to become blocked, and thereby leads to the accumulation of toxins beneath the skin. The Swedish massage on the other hand is a widely popular massage technique that originated in the ottoman empire. Over the last century, the procedure has found fame in the middle east and it known as Hammam Maghrebi. The combination of these two procedures helps to improve blood circulation and relieve muscular stiffness and pain.

During the Moroccan bath phase of the treatment, will involve the customer taking a dip in the pool, followed by a visit to the steam room. Not only does it help to detox your body, but it can also help to reduce the excess water weight you are carrying. Elixir offers our exclusive Moroccan Bath with Swedish massage. All our massage therapies are performed by trained therapists in a secure environment. In addition to massage, Elixir also offers customers waxing and pedicure services. Get in touch with us today to book a massage therapy for your liking.

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