Revitalizing Hot Stone Massage

AED 750 60 mins
AED 1 125 90 mins

Hot Stone massage involves the use of pre-heated smooth stones to loosen-up your body and muscles. Heated stones are strategically placed across the client’s body. The heat emanating from these stones will provide warmth to the target muscles and un-wind them.  Once the stones are place and therapeutic oil is applied across the body, our professional therapists will massage your body using the Swedish massage technique. This massage is usually done by using chamomile oil, as it is the best to soothe muscle pain and provide relaxation.

A hot stones massage will help to expand blood vessels and acts as a good sedative in relieving recurrent pain in muscles. Damaged tissues in particular benefit from this style of massage; the stones are heated to between130-140 degrees to relive tension in the muscle structure. If the stones are over heated, they can cause burns and tissue damage.

Our estheticians have knowledge in anatomy and apply it to guide their technique in placing the stones on particular areas that balance energy. These areas include parts of the back the neck, abdomen, and feet. Hot stone massage is a very rejuvenating and enjoyable procedure. At Elixir Massage and Spa center you can enjoy 90-minute Hot Stone Massage session for just 1125 AED.

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