Six hands massage

AED 2 500 60 min
AED 3 500 90 min

The six hands massage is a unique treatment and healing experience to stimulate circulation in the body and release pain stored in the muscles and joints. It’s the ideal antidote for stress. The six hands massage gives you the benefit of experiencing three massage sessions at one time. Upon arrival, you will be greeted by our therapists and taken to the massage room, where our dim lights and soothing music will instantly prepare you to loosen up. Our three experienced therapists will work their hands on your body in a synchronized manner. They use long and soothing strokes against your body, and apply the right amount of pressure, causing deep healing sensations. 

Since it involves three therapists, following the movements of six hands in a synchronized choreography soon becomes impossible for your mind to track. Inevitably you are letting go at this moment. You begin relaxing and enjoying and can now obtain fresh energy that flushes through the body and regenerates you at all levels, making you feel like a new person. Indulge in a luxurious one-hour or two-hour six hands massage in Dubai with Ukraine Spa today!

Why Should You Book A Six Hands Massage?

A six hands massage involves a combination of different massage techniques, thereby offering several added benefits. This massage tends to be more expensive than regular massage treatments, as it includes three massage therapists. However, the additional cost is well worth it if you are looking for a treatment that will leave you completely relaxed. Here are some reasons to opt for a six hands massage in Dubai.

  • The synchronized massage enhances blood circulation in the body
  • Lowers stress levels and alleviates anxiety
  • Those who are facing difficulty with sleep will experience improved sleeping patterns
  • It reduces soreness in the body and also helps with muscle and joint pain
  • The massage helps in lowering the heart rate and blood pressure
  • Massage can relax trigger points that cause migraines and headaches

All You Need to Know About A Six Hands Massage

A six hands massage is comparatively more relaxing than a regular massage treatment. Unlike a conventional massage, in this treatment, you cannot gauge the movement, eventually sending your mind to a relaxed state. This massage therapy is usually ideal for those who find it challenging to let go during their massage session. Don’t be deceived by the treatment’s name. You may have three therapists, but that doesn’t mean there is a compromise on time. This massage, too, takes just as long as any other conventional massage treatment. 

The six hands massage offers you all the benefits of a standard massage, as it involves a combination of various techniques. At our massage center, our therapists have been trained to deliver a professional service so that you can expect no disturbance during your massage treatment.

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