Swedish Relax Massage

AED 550 60 mins
AED 800 90 mins

Elixir’s Swedish relax massage is a popular, full-body massage treatment that uses common massage techniques such as bending and kneading. This procedure will help the lymphatic gland and rejuvenate the quantity of lymphocytes in your system. Lymphocytes play an important part in strengthening the immunity power of your body. The other beneficial qualities that comes with this massage technique is that it helps to improve blood circulation, relieve body pain, and relax the muscles.

At Elixir Spa and Massage Center, customers can choose to take part in a Swedish Relax massage of either 60-minutes or 90-minutes duration, priced at AED 550 and 800 respectively. Our reasonably priced massage therapies are meant to not only provide comfort to the customers, but to also, help with any medical conditions they might be suffering from. Elixir Spa has a team comprising of only certified and trained massage therapists. We strive to ensure that each customer is provided the care and attention they seek. The other services that we provide at our center includes Hot Stone Massage, Aromatherapy Massage and Facial Massage, among others.

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