Tension Relief Massage

AED 725 60 mins
AED 1 125 90 mins

A Swedish massage in Dubai is the ideal choice for those of you who want to relax the body and mind. It involves the rhythmic application of smooth, slow, gliding strokes using organic massage oils. Some of the significant benefits offered by this massage therapy included improved blood circulation, relief from body pain, and more relaxed muscles. Additionally, it also helps to rejuvenate the lymphatic gland and thereby strengthen your body’s immunity. At Elixir – Ukrainian Spa and Massage Center, we offer 60- and 90-minute variants of the Swedish relax massage. Your choice of duration of the treatment should be based on the time of the day and what your body requires. Based on the preference of the client, our trained Russian therapists will perform the therapy using either light, medium, or deep pressure techniques. To experience a Swedish massage at the experienced hands of our professional therapist, book your appointment online or call us on +971-52-260-4981.

Benefits of a Swedish Massage

As mentioned, a Swedish relax massage offer numerous health benefits to the participant. Unlike other massage therapies, this treatment focusses on providing relief to all parts of the body.

  • It is the perfect massage choice if you want to spend some time on yourself.
  • It helps to relieve numerous stress-related medical conditions such as headaches and muscular pain.
  • It also helps in improving the skin tone and enhancing the flow of oxygen and nutrients through your body.
  • Aids in muscular relaxation and thereby increase overall mobility and range of movement.

How is a Swedish Massage Performed?

Before starting with the massage, our therapist will consult with you to know about your previous medical history and any injuries you might be carrying. Be sure to let them know about any areas of pain and specific preferences you might have. Once you are ready for the treatment, our therapist will guide you to the massage table in a private treatment room. You will be required rest face down so that your spine remains straight, and you experience no discomfort from turning. The masseuse will use massage oils based on your requirements and gently stroke your body to release tension and promote relaxation. Our Swedish relax massage service in Dubai will cover most areas of the body from the neck to the feet. Reach out to us to know more!

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