Waxing Packages

AED 1 000 underarms, bikini, legs, stomach
AED 1 500 underarms, bikini, legs, stomach, arms, face, back

Elixir Massage & Spa Center offers the best waxing treatment packages. Performed by experienced aestheticians, this beneficial procedure will help to remove hair strands from the root, all the while ensuring that the procedure is smooth and causes minimal discomfort to the clients. Waxing exonerates discomforts that clients might normally experience while using razor shaving for example nicks, cuts, and irritability.

Waxing does ensure that there is no stubble and also reduces the chance of getting ingrown hairs. Each individual is different and specifics like age, genetics, and various other factors influence how long the waxing session lasts for a particular client. Although waxing can be painful for the first time, you can get used to it very fast, it’s one of the most efficient hair removal techniques being used today. Hairy body parts are more painful to wax than less bushier areas, younger individuals experience less pain as their skin is more flexible.

A major benefit of waxing is that the hair takes longer to grow back, and when it finally does, it is fine and sparse making treatments fewer and further apart. Our waxing treatment is perfect for men who want to feel more hygienic.

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