60 min — AED 630 570

90 min — AED 900 810

Indulge in the luxurious Essential Oil Aroma Massage at Elixir Spa, a serene oasis of tranquility. This blissful experience combines the power of essential oils with expert massage techniques to soothe your senses and melt away stress. The skilled therapists will customize the aromatherapy blend to suit your needs, enhancing relaxation and promoting overall well-being. Feel tension dissolve as gentle strokes and rhythmic movements lull you into a state of deep relaxation. Allow the calming aromas to envelop you, creating a sensory journey that rejuvenates both body and mind. Immerse yourself in the divine bliss of the Essential Oil Aroma Massage at Elixir Spa and emerge feeling refreshed, restored, and utterly pampered.